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Owen’s Evil Twin- Parodies, Propaganda and Parliamentarians

There’s a certain Mr Owen Jones on Twitter that you might not be familiar with.  This other Owen has no blue verified badge- but otherwise is a dead ringer for his namesake, that cheeky scamp and Official Spokesperson for The Left.   Owen’s evil twin, … Continue reading

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Cllr Stopp and his polls

The Brent Progress and Labour councillor Sam Stopp recently (13 Aug 2017) ran a Twitter poll that asked,“Why are there so many anti-Semites on the Left?”  The available options were:  ‘poor education’, ‘weak leadership’, ‘anonymity’ and ‘another reason’. References to ‘leadership’ … Continue reading

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A Response to Jonathan Hoffman’s Defence of Kevin Myers

Writing in Jewish News, the former vice-president of the Zionist Federation, Jonathan Hoffman asks, ‘Is Kevin Myers really an anti-Semite?  His conclusion is… no.   To argue this, Hoffman first assigns a very specific meaning to Kevin Myers’ words; namely that Myers … Continue reading

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